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Tex-Zen Ranch was just a dream back in 1987 when we found our peaceful piece of Texas Hill Country with both sides of a branch of Sycamore Creek. Together, we re-built the existing dam and constructed the bridge and gazebo pictured on our logo. Jeff and I were married in a beautifully symbolic ceremony in the spring of 1994 to the theme song, "Love Can Build a Bridge", which sparked the dreams of some guests to be married here too. In 1997 we began harvesting the wild mustang grapes on our ranch and rainwater collected on our 3200 sq. ft. rainwater barn to make jelly and wine gifts for our visiting friends and relatives. In keeping with winemaking tradition, we labeled both with a vintage date representing the year of harvest. That quickly expanded to the production of our vintage Pear Butter made from Kieffer pears we rescued from some trees in Johnson City before the frost could take them, and then our "654321 Salsa" recipe provided by a good friend. Our first 1997 vintage "Tex-Zen Trio" gift box was so popular we started using other fruit varieties to keep up with the requests. By just the second season, Tex-Zen Dreams was producing 15 varieties of jams, jellies, preserves, butters and salsa, all hand-picked, home-prepared with all natural ingredients . . . including naturally pure rainwater.

With the completion of our Bouquet & Boutonniere Cottage-of-Dreams in the winter of 2004, we now feature first-class dressing rooms for our wedding couples as well as a romantic and beautifully appointed bed-and-breakfast accommodation for visitors, vacationers and travelers.

Tex-Zen Dreams was founded to help you realize your dreams. Whether reminiscing a Texas Hill Country visit over a hot biscuit spread with our Mustang Grape Jelly, enjoying a tranquil weekend getaway, using rainwater collection and alternative building products, or making wedding dreams to last a lifetime, we will help make your event a dream come true.

Sweet Dreams . . . Loretta "Ell" Hankins

Up Close and Personal: Loretta

Tex-Zen Dreams - Love Can Build A Bridge - Between Your Heart and Mine

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