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Tex-Zen Dreams Daydreams Gazebo


Salt-water poolAn alluring oasis on the hillside merging Texas hospitality with breathtaking views of the creek valley, nighttime lighting, the rich sound experience of the micro HiFi system, and the open-air design of the Tex-Zen Dreams Daydreams Gazebo provide the perfect entertainment and relaxation ambiance to enhance your dream getaway weekend. Enjoy the charm of warm summer nights as you and other guests gather in the outdoor sanctuary for fun, serenity, or conversation.  Let the quiet seclusion and Southern appeal of Tex-Zen Dreams Daydreams Gazebo create a serene retreat from the stress and demands of everyday life.


Salt-water poolThe chiminea fire pit adds an air of enchantment to a late Fall or early winter evening with an open display of glowing fire. Gather around for late-night merriment with Cottage-of-Dreams guests, or cuddle with a loved one on a crisp winter evening. Relax to the serenity of crackling fire in the still night. The fire pit is sure to cast welcoming warmth over your outdoor experience. Nothing compares to the enchanting glow of an outdoor fire, adding a sense of magic, welcome, and comfort to the Tex-Zen Dreams Daydream Gazebo. Enjoy the simple pleasures of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, or gather around for a lively night of ghost stories as the moon makes its ascent into the starry night or its descent into the darkness of the valley. The chiminea fire pit emanates the perfect ambiance for sophisticated or casual entertainment.


Tex-Zen Dreams Daydreams Gazebo as well as the creek-side gazebo are "Zensational" places for a relaxing and therapeutic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Structural or Shiatsu massage. Reserve a single or couples appointment with one of the local registered massage therapists at time of booking.


Therapeutic massage is performed by independent licensed contractors - not Tex-Zen Dreams employees.

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